Count  48

Wall 2

Level Beginner

Music Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye ft. Kimbra (New Single 2011)
Choreographer Sebastiaan Holtland Netherlands 13 12 2011

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Demo Video
Music Video

48 count intro (18 Sec)

Sec 1: [1-8] Prissy Walk Fwd R-L, ½ Pivot L, ¼ Pivot L.
1-2Walk Rf forward slightly across Lf, Hold.
3-4Walk Lf forward slightly across Rf, Hold.
5-6Step Rf forward, turn ½ left (6) taking weight onto Lf.
7-8Step Rf forward, turn ¼ left (3) taking weight onto Lf.

Sec 2: [9-16] Cross Vine Left, Sweep, Behind, ¼ R, Fwd, Fwd, Hold.
1-4Cross Rf over Lf, step Lf to the left side, step Rf behind Lf, sweep Lf from front to back.
5-8Step Lf behind Rf, turn ¼ right (6) step Rf forward, step Lf forward, Hold.

Sec 3: [17-24] Half Rumba Box R, Hold, L Chasse ¼ L, Hold.
1-4Step Rf to the right, step Lf next to Rf, step Rf forward, Hold.
5-8Step Lf to the left, step Rf next to Lf, turn ¼ left (3) step Lf forward, Hold.

Sec 4: [25-32]¼ L, Side, Hold, Back Rock, Recover, Big Side Step, Drag, Back Rock, Recover.
1-2Turn ¼ left (12) step Rf to the right, Hold.
3-4Rock Lf back, recover on Rf.
5-6Step Lf big to the left, drag on Rf weight onto Rf.
7-8Rock Rf back, recover on Lf. (12:00)

Sec 5: [33-40] Cross, Hold, Back, Hold, Rumba Rocks.
1-2Cross Rf over Lf, Hold.
3-4Step Lf back, Hold.
5-8Rock Rf Back, recover on Lf, rock Rf back, recover on Lf. (12:00)

Sec 6: [41-48] Fwd Point, Side Point, Back, ¼ L, Side, Side, Together, ¼ L, Step, Scuff.
1-2Point Rf forward, point Rf to the right.
3-4Step Rf back, turn ¼ left (9) step Lf to the left.
5-6Step Rf to the right, step Lf beside Rf holding weight onto Rf.
7-8Turn ¼ left (6) step Lf slightly forward, scuff Rf forward.

Start again and have fun!