Dan Morrison March 2016

High Beginner   32 Count   4 Wall

Giddy Up by Chris Buck Band

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Giddy Up.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Giddy Up Stepsheet

Intro: 32 Counts, Start on Vocals

RESTART: During Wall 4 (9 o'clock), dance the first 16 Counts, then start again.

R Shuffle forward, L Rock-Recover, L back Shuffle, R Rock-Recover
1&2R Shuffle forward (R,L,R)
3-4Rock L forward (3) Recover onto R (4)
5&6L Back Shuffle (L,R,L)
7-8R Rock back (7) Recover onto L (8)

R Side Shuffle, Rock-Recover, L Side Shuffle, Rock-Recover
1&2R Side Shuffle (R,L,R)
3-4Rock L behind R (3) Recover onto R (4)
5&6L Side Shuffle (L,R,L)
7-8Rock R behind L (7) Recover onto L (8)
RESTART: During Wall 4 (9 o'clock)

Hat-Dance, & Point & Point, Rock-Recover, 1/2 back Shuffle
1&2Touch R forward (1) Step R beside L (&) Touch L forward (2)
&3&4Step L beside R (&) Point R side R (3) Step R beside L (&) Point L side L (4)
5-6Rock L forward (5) Recover onto R (6)
7&81/4 turn L, Step L side L (7) Step R beside L (&) 1/4 turn L, Step L forward (8)

V-Step, 1/4 Pivot, R Kick-Ball-Change
1-4Step R forward (1) Step L side L (2) Step R back (3) Step L beside R (4)
5-6Step R forward (5) 1/4 Pivot L, wt on L (6)
7&8Kick R forward (7) Step R back (&) Step L forward (8)