Judy Rodgers USA May 2019

Improver Viennese Waltz   48 Count   4 Wall

You Are the Reason by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis (duet version);

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled You Are the Reason Waltz.


Music Video

You Are the Reason Waltz Stepsheet

#12 count intro on the word 'heart beat'

S1. Step sweep, step sweep
1-3Step L fwd, sweep R from back to front over 2 counts
4-6Step R fwd, sweep L from back to front over 2 counts

S2. Step sweep, rock recover back
1-3Step L fwd, sweep R from back to front over 2 counts
4-6Rock R fwd, recover L, step R back

S3. Turn 1/4 L sway, sway
1-3Turn 1/4 left sway left over 3 counts 9:00
4-6Sway right over 3 counts

S4. Step sweep, sailor turn 1/4 R
1-3Step L to left side, sweep R from front to back over 2 counts
4-6Turn 1/4 right step R behind L, step L to left side, step R to right side 12:00

S5: Cross, turn 1/4 L, back, back, turn 1/4 L, point
1-3Cross left over, turn ¼ left and step right back, step left back 9:00
4-6Step right back, turn ¼ left and step left side, point R to right side 6:00

S6: Cross, point, hold, behind, turn 14 R, step
1-3Cross R over L, point L to left diagonal, hold
4-6Step L behind R, turn 1/4 right step R fwd, step L fwd 9:00
**Wall 9 - the music is silence for the last 12 counts of the wall - just keep dancing

S7. Step kick, back hook
1-3Step R fwd, kick L fwd over 2 counts
4-6Step L back, hook R over L over 2 counts

S8. Step, turn 1/2 L, step, point, hold
1-3Step R fwd, turn 1/2 L step L fwd, step R fwd 3:00
4-6Point L to left diagonal, hold 2 counts

Ending: Wall 11 starts 6:00......
Dance 36 counts (thru S6 facing 3:00), turn 1/4 left touch R toe beside L and smile!