Sippin' On Southern

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Count  32

Wall 2

Level Beginner

Music "Cruise" by Florida Georgia Line. Album: "Here's To The Good Times"– iTunes
Choreographer Kat Quinn Nuline Dance Sept 2013

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Demo Video
Music Video

Start: On Vocals (19 seconds) - Tag: One Easy Tag - Restart: One VERY Easy Restart

(1-8) Step Right touch Left, Step Left touch Right, Step Right ¼ Lock step Hold, (3.00)
1, 2Step Right to Right side, Touch Left next to Right
3, 4Step Left to Left side, Touch Right next to Left
5, 6Step Right into ¼ turn Right, Lock Left behind Right, (3.00)
7, 8Step Right Fwd and Hold

(9-16) Step Left ½, Left ¼ Rock, Left Rock back, Rock Fwd , Left Side Drag (12.00)
9, 10Step Left Fwd and Pivot ½ turn Right weight on Right (9.00)
11, 12Making ¼ turn Right Rocking onto Left to Left side and Rock onto Right (12.00)
13, 14Rock Back onto Left behind Right, Rock Fwd onto Right
15, 16Long Step Left to Left side, Drag Right toe up to Left
** Restart on 4th Wall after Left Side Drag**

(17-24) Right Coaster Step hold, Left step Lock hold (12.00)
17, 18Step Right back, Step Left next to Right
19, 20Step Right Fwd and Hold
21, 22Step Fwd Left, Lock Right behind Left
23, 24Step Left Fwd and Hold

(25-32) Step Right ½ turn, Step Left, Step Right Hold, Step full turn Right, Step Left and Hold (6.00)
25, 26Step Fwd on Right, Pivot ½ turn Left, Stepping Fwd onto Left (6.00)
27, 28Step Fwd on Right and Hold
29, 30Make ½ turn Right stepping back onto Left (12.00) Make ½ turn Right Stepping Fwd onto Right (6.00)
31, 32Step Fwd Left and Hold


**TAG: Wall 10 after count 4,
Step Right to Right side, Step Left next to Right, Step Right to Right side, Step Left next to Right RESTART**

END OF DANCE: Dance ends during Wall 15 (starts facing 12.00)
After counts 31,32 (Full Turn) (6.00) Step Right ½ turn left (slow) to face Front Wall
Hope you enjoy