Get The Party Started

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Count  48

Wall 4

Level Beginner

Music Get the Party Started by Pink
Choreographer Kickick Line Dance Nicky Tan Apr 2012

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Demo Video
Music Video

Dance starts after the first 48 (6x8) counts

Section 1 : Toe Struts
1-4Touch R toe forward, Step RF in place, Touch L toe forward, Step LF in place
5-8Repeat Step 1-4

Section 2 : Walk back 4x, Step Touch, Step Touch
1-4Step RF back, Step LF back, Step RF back, Step LF back
5-8Step RF to R side, Touch LF beside RF, Step LF to L side, Touch RF beside LF

Section 3 : Rocking Chair
1-4Rock RF forward, Recover on LF, Rock RF back, Recover on LF
5-8Repeat Step 1-4

Section 4 : Right Grapevine, Left Grapevine
1-4Step RF to R side, Cross LF behind RF, Step RF to R side, Touch LF to L side
5-8Step LF to L side, Cross RF behind LF, Step LF to L side, Touch RF to R side

Section 5 : Paddle
1,2Step RF forward, Turn ¼ L placing weight on LF (9:00)
3,4Repeat Step 1,2 (6:00)
5,6Repeat Step 1,2 (3:00)
7,8Repeat Step 1,2 (12:00)

Section 6 : Out Out In In, Jazz Box
1,2Step RF diagonally forward to R, Step LF to L side
3,4Step RF back, Step LF beside RF
5,6Cross RF over LF, Step LF back
7,8Turn ¼ R & Step RF to R side, Step LF beside RF (3:00)