Catch My Breath

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Count  32

Wall 4

Level Beginner

Music Catch My Breath by Kelly Clarkson
Choreographer Penny Tan Dec 2012

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Demo Video
Music Video

Intro : 32 counts - No Tag No Restart!

S1: R side shuffle, back rock recover , L side shuffle, Back rock , recover
1&2Step RF to R , step LF beside RF, step RF to R
3-4Rock back on L , recover on R
5&6Step LF to L, step RF beside L, step LF to L.
7-8Rock back on R, recover on L

S2: Fwd rock recover, together, fwd rock recover, together, fwd ,together, side, cross back touch
1-2&Step RF forward , recover on LF, step RF beside LF
3-4&Step LF forward, recover on RF, step LF beside RF,
5-6Step RF forward ,step LF beside RF
7-8Step RF to R side , cross touch LF behind RF

S3: Fwd, ¼ turn R ,cross shuffle, together , back touch, ½ turn R
1-2Step LF forward, ¼ turn R step RF to R side
3&4cross LF over RF, step RF to R side, cross LF over RF
5-6Jump RF to R side , step LF beside RF
7-8Cross touch RF behind LF , make a ½ turn R( weight on R)

S4: Forward rock recover ,back shuffle , sway, sway, sway
1-2Step LF forward , recover on RF ,
3&4Step back on LF, lock RF in front of LF, step back on LF
5-6step RF back , sway hip to forward
7-8sway hip back, sway hip forward

Dance again!