Poker Face

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Count  32

Wall 4

Level Beginner

Music Poker Face by Lady Gaga
Choreographer Lyne Camerlain Quebec Canada April 2009

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Demo Video

Intro of 32 counts + 16 counts, starts on vocal

PART 1 : Side , together, side , touch, reach turn on left side
1,2,3,4 Left to left side, Right together, Left to left side,Right touch close to Left
5,6,7,8 Right Forward, Left on place half turn left, Right Forward, Left on place half turn left

PART 2 : Reverse part 1 starting from Right, reach turns on right side
1,2,3,4 Right to right side, Left together, Right to right side, Left touch close to right
5,6,7,8 Left forward, right on place half turn to right, Left forward, Right on place half turn right

PART 3 : Walk 3 steps forward, touch, walk 3 steps back, touch
1,2,3 Left walk forward, right forward, left forward
4 Right touch close to Left
5,6,7 Right walk backward, Left back, Right back
8 Left touch close to Right

PART 4 : Walk forward touch to side, ΒΌ turn left jazz box
1,2,3,4 Left forward,touch Right to right side, Right forward, touch Left to left side
5,6 Left cross over right turning 1/8 turn left, Right step back turning 1/8 turn left (facing the new wall)
7,8 Left to left side, Right cross over left

Start over on the next wall (1/4 to left)

The dance ends after the 13th wall (front wall) finish the dance without turning on the jazz box at the end of part 4 and add Touch Left to the side

Enjoy the dance and have fun !