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Joey Prieur Can Jan 10

Beginner   32 Count   2 Wall

Big Bad Handsome Man by Imelda May (CD: Love Tattoo [119bpm])

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Easy Bad Boy.


Demo Video

Easy Bad Boy Stepsheet

Start the dance on vocals, 16 count intro

Side, Behind, Point, Point, Side, Behind, Point, Point
1-2 Step right to right side, step left behind right
&3-4 Step right next to left, point left forward, point left to left side
5-6 Step left to left, step right behind left
&7-8 Step left next to right, point right forward, point right to right side

Rocking Chair, Left Half Turn, Shuffle
1-2 Rock right forward, recover on left
3-4 Rock right back, recover on left
5-6 Step right forward, step on left turning ½ left (6:00)
7-8 Shuffle forward, right, left, right

Chasse Left, Rock, Recover, Chasse Right, Rock, Recover
1&2 Shuffle to left, left, right, left
3-4 Rock right behind left, recover on left
5&6 Shuffle to right, right, left, right
7-8 Rock left behind right, recover on right

Right Half Turn, ½ Turning Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Kick-Ball Change
1-2 Step forward on left, step on right turning ½ right (12:00)
3&4 Shuffle ½ right turn, left, right, left (6:00)
5-6 Rock right back, recover on left
7&8 Kick right forward, step right next to left, step left next to right

Repeat and enjoy!