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Michelle Weller

intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

2 Faced by Louise

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled KNIGHT MARE!!.


KNIGHT-MARE!! Stepsheet

 All arm movements within the dance are optional
1Walk back on right, punching right arm out to right side
2Walk back on left, bringing fight fist in towards the chest
3Walk back on right, punching right arm upwards diagonally to the right
&Step back on left foot (arms back to normal position)
4Stomp right foot forward, slapping hands down on thighs
5Bump hips right (hands can be taken off thighs)
&Bump hips left
6Bump hips right
&Bump hips left.
7Bump hips right
8Stomp left next to right and clap hands
9Kick right foot forward
&Step right foot next to left
10Kick left foot forward
&Step left foot next to right
11Rock forward onto right foot
&Rock back onto left foot
12Step right next to left
13Kick left foot forward
&Step left next to right
14Step right foot slightly to right side
15-16Stand on the spot and get funky to the music. (weight ends on left)
17Point right toe out to right side, push right arm straight forward making a 'peace' sign with fingers (stands for 2)
&Step right next to left, bringing right hand up to touch right side of face (stands for face)
18Step left to left side, tilting head to left (hand should still be on face. Looks as if hand pushed head to one side)
19Roll head in an to the left direction (hand no longer on face)
20Bring head down in a sharp nodding action while stepping left next to right
21Kick right foot forward
&Step right foot forward
22Step left next to right
23Point right toe to right side
&Step right next to left
24Point left toe to left side
25Cross left over right and rock onto it
&Rock back on right foot
26Step back on left
&Rock forward onto right
27Cross left over right and rock onto it
&Rock back onto right
28Step back onto left
29Make ¼ turn to right as you take a big step to the right side on your right foot
30Slide left foot up to right
31-32Roll hops to the left, weight ending up on the left


When dancing to "2 Faced", on wall 8 miss out the last 8 counts. Start the dance again and continue as normal.