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Lisanne Winters USA July 2021

High Beginner   16 Count   4 Wall

- Walker Hayes

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Oreo Shake.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Oreo Shake Stepsheet

***3 Restarts - Walls 2, 7, And 12 after 12 counts
# 32 count lead (start on lyrics)

S: 1 Body rolls, V-Step, Hands to knees, ankle swivel
1,2,3,4Body Roll To The Right (weight end on the right), Body Roll With ΒΌ Turn To The Right (weight ends on the left)
5 & 6 &Syncopated V Step
7 & 8 &Place Right Hand or Right Knee, Place Left Hand on Left Knee, Swivel right heel out then in (making hip pop out and in -The "Oreo Shake")

S:2 Diagonal forward Step then Drag Right then left, Backward steps with, Knee pops
1,2Diagonal Step Forward on the right, drag left foot touch beside right
3,4Diagonal Step Forward on the left, drag right foot touch beside left
**(Restarts are all at this point in the dance)
5,6,7,8Step back Right, left, right, left with knee pops