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Lisanne Winters USA July 2021

Improver   32 Count   4 Wall

- Big & Rich : (2009 Remaster)

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Get It Rockin'.


Demo Video
Music Video

Get It Rockin' Stepsheet

Intro: 40 Count - No Tags Or Restarts

(1-8) R Stomp, Side Kick Triple ½ Turn R, L Stomp Side Kick Triple ¼ Turn L
1,2,3 &4R Stomp, Kick Right To The Right Side Then Triple ½ Right Turn
5,6,7 &8L Stomp, Kick Left To The Left Side Then Triple ¼ Left Turn

(9-16) Rocking Chair, Pivot ½ Turn X2
1,2,3,4Rock Forward On Right Recover Back On Left Rock Back On Right Recover Forward On Left
5,6,7,8Step Forward On Right Pivot ½ Turn To The Left, Step Forward On Right Pivot ½ Turn To The Left
**(pivot turns may be replaced with additional rocking chair)

(17-24) R vine with clap, left rolling vine with 2 claps
1,2,3,4Step right to right, step left behind, right to right, left touch with 1 clap
5,6,7 &8(Rolling vine) Full turn Left stepping Left, Right, Left, Right. Touch right toe beside left with 2 claps

(25-32) R Pony back, L pony back, rock recover, walk, walk
1&2, 3&4Step R back while popping L knee up , Step L next to R Step R back while Popping L knee up , Step L back while popping R knee up Step R next to L , Step L back while popping R knee up
5, 6, 7, 8Rock back on right, recover left, walk right, left

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