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Shirley Junemann USA June 2021

Beginner / Intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

- Bouke

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled My Wisconsin Spanish Eyes.


Music Video

My Wisconsin Spanish Eyes Stepsheet

Thank you Shirley, a great instructor who inspired, enhanced and shaped my understanding of country dancing.
Start Dancing on the Lyrics:

Section 1: Mambo Forward Right, Mambo Back Left
1-2 Rock right forward, Recover back left
3-4 Step together with right, hold
5-6 Rock left back, Recover forward right
7-8 Step together with left, hold

Section 2: Step Lock, Touch, Rumba Side Left, Right Together, Left Back, Touch
1-4 Step right forward, lock left behind right, Step right forward, Touch left together.
5-8 Step left to side, Step right together, Step back left, Touch right together

Section 3: Step Right Side, Hold, Rock
1-2 Step right to side, hold
3-4 Rock left behind right, rock forward on right
5-6 Step left to side hold
7-8 Rock right behind left, rock forward on left turning ΒΌ turn to right

Section 4: Step Lock, Touch, Rhumba Side Left, Right Together, Left Forward, Touch
1-4 Step right forward, lock left behind right, step right forward, touch left together
5-8 Step left to side, step right together, step forward left, touch right together


Alternative Ending: You will be facing front wall on your 9th rotation of the dance. (14 counts for a Grand Finale) Complete first 12 steps of the dance.
Count 13-14: Large Step to Left on Left Foot. Cross & Point Right Toe Over Left & Bow for the ending.

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