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CountryVive February 2021

Phrased Advanced   48 Count   2 Wall

- Nathan Evans : (Album: Single Version)

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Sea Shanty Shenanigans.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Sea Shanty Shenanigans Stepsheet

Count-in: 4 Count Intro
Note: A is 32 Counts - B is 16 Counts
The sequence of the dance is AAB, AAB, AAB

Part A:
[1-8] Syncopated Dorothy Steps, Rocking Chair, Heel Jack
1&2Step RF to R diagonal, close LF behind RF, Step RF in place
&3&Step LF to L diagonal, close RF behind LF, Step LF in place
4Stomp RF to R diagonal (face 1.30)
5&Facing 1.30, rock LF across RF, recover weight to RF
6&Facing 1.30, rock LF back, recover weight to RF
7&8Squaring up to 12.00, cross LF over RF, step RF a small step to the R side, touch L heel to L diagonal

[9-16] & Cross, Knee Pop, ¼ Triple, ¼ Side Rock, Recover, Full Turn, Side and Hitch
&1Close LF to RF, Cross RF over LF (as you cross, bring both hands in to stomach)
&2Raise heels (click both hands out to side) , drop heels (bring both hands back to stomach)
3&4Make ¼ turn to L (face 9.00) as you fwd triple, stepping L, R, L
5,6Make ¼ turn to L (face 6.00) as you rock RF to R side. Recover weight to L foot, taking L shoulder fwd to prep for a turn
&Make a full turn clockwise (over R shoulder), closing RF to LF
7Step LF to L side
8Close RF to LF as you hitch your L knee, slapping L thigh with R hand

[17-24] Hitch Triples travelling back, Roger Rabbits, Ball Step, Stomp, Stomp
1&2Let the L knee rotate to L as you step back on LF, step RF in place, step LF in place and hitch R knee
&3&4Let the R knee rotate to R as you step back on RF, step LF in place, step RF in place
&5Kick LF back, step back onto LF as you hitch R knee slightly
&6Kick RF back, step back onto RF as you hitch L knee slightly
&7Step back onto the ball of LF, step RF forward
&8Stomp LF to L diagonal, Stomp RF to R side
*Optional arms for counts 1-7 - 'sailor' arms (arms bent at elbows, at chest height, with R arms placed over L arm)

[25-32] Close, Leg Flicks with ½ Turn R, Ball, ½ Pivot Turn, 1/2 Turn, ¼ Slide to R, ¼ Turn with Hitch
1&Close LF to RF as you flick RF up to R side (keep knees together) (1), press weight fwd onto ball of RF (&) (6.00)
2&Recover weight to L and make ¼ turn to R as you flick RF across L knee (2), press weight fwd onto ball of RF (&) (9.00)
3&Recover weight to L and make ¼ turn to R as you flick RF up to R side (keep knees together) (1), press weight fwd onto ball of RF (&)
4Take weight back to LF (12.00)
&5Rock weight back onto ball of RF, step fwd on LF
6½ pivot turn to R taking weight to RF (6.00)
&7Make ½ turn R stepping back on LF, make ¼ turn R sliding RF a large step to R side (9.00)
8Make a ¼ turn to R, close LF to RF and hitch R knee (6.00)

Part B
[1-8] Step Fwd, Flick, Step Back, Flick, Step Hitch Side, Slap/Clap Section
1&Step RF fwd, flick LF up behind R knee (slap foot with R hand)
2&Step LF back, flick RF up under L knee (slap R ankle with L hand)
3&4Step RF to R diagonal, hitch L knee, step LF to L side
(Arms: Cross R arm over L arm 'sailor' style (3), hit backs of palms together (&), Slap both hands on thighs (4)
5&Hit L thigh with L hand (5), hit back of L hand with R hand (&)
6&Hit L thigh with L hand (6), hit R thigh with R hand
a7Hit back of R hand with L hand (a), Hit R thigh with R hand (7)
&a8Hit L thigh with L hand (e) clap both hands together at chest height (&) Slap both thighs with both hands (8) (12.00)

[9-16] & Heel Grind, Sweeps Back, Rock Recover, Skip Turn
&Step LF a small step towards centre
1,2Heel grid R heel (1), take weight to LF
3Step back on RF sweeping LF from front to back
4Step back on LF sweeping RF from front to back
(Optional arms on sweeps: swing arms from side to side)
5,6Rock RF back, recover weight to LF
&7Hitch R knee with a slight hop (&), make ½ turn L stepping back on RF
&8Hitch L knee with a slight hop (&), make ½ turn L stepping LF fwd (12.00)