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Annemarie Dunn Kristal Lynn Konzen March 2019

Improver   32 Count   2 Wall

Country Strong by Honey County remix by DJ Hish

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Country Strong (Stagecoach 2019).


Demo Video
Tutorial Video

Country Strong Stepsheet

START at lyrics (16 cts after “Whoa we are country Strong” on remix)

Knee Dip, Step-tap 2X, R Step w/ ¼ L turn Kick L
1-2(Start feet apart) ¼ L turn body into R Knee dip inward & down then return up facing (12:00)
***opt drop knee to ground & return back up for stronger accent
3-4,5-6R side step – L tap nxt to R, L side step – R tap nxt to L
7-8R side step – ¼ L turn w/ L kick (9:00)
***opt accent taps & kick w/ upward hand punches on Chorus to accent lyrics

½ L turning Triple step, Cross-Point, ¼ L turning Box step
1&2,3-4Rotate ½ L turn on triple step L-R-L (3:00), R cross step over L – L side point
5-6-7-8L cross over R – R back step – ¼ L turn onto L step – R fwd step (12:00)

L Step-Hitch, L Triple lock step, 4 Knee pops
1-2,3&4L fwd step – R lock step behind L lifting L knee up, L fwd - R behind L - L fwd
5-6-7-8R fwd step w/ L knee bent – L fwd step w/ R knee bent – R fwd step w/ L knee bent – L fwd step w/ R knee bent
***opt on chorus accent lyrics “heartbeats” by tapping hands on chest

R Rock-step, Slide back, ½ L turningTriple, R-L Stomps
1-2,3-4R fwd step – recover weight on L, Slide back onto R dragging L – HOLD
5&6,7-8½ L turning tripe step L-R-L, R side stomp – L side stomp (6:00)***feet apart to begin knee-dip

Created 03/02/19 modified 3/27/19 w/ Kristal Lynn Konzen