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Dirk Leibing March 2019

High Beginner   32 Count   4 Wall

Hold My Girl by George Ezra

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Hold My Girl.


Demo Video
Music Video

Hold My Girl Stepsheet

Restarts : Walls 2 & 6 after Count 20

Start the dance with the vocals after 16 counts

Side, Close, Forward, Hold, Rocking Chair
1-2Step RF right(1), Close LF next to RF(2)
3-4Step RF forward(3), Hold(4)
5-6Rock LF forward(5), Recover on RF(6)
7-8Rock LF back(7), Recover on RF(8)

Step, ½ Turn, Step, Hold, Turn ½(2x), Step, Hold
1-2Step LF forward(1), Turn 12 right(2)(6:00)
3-4Step LF forward(3), Hold(4)
5-6Turn ½ left stepping RF back(5)(12:00), Turn ½ left stepping LF forward(6)(6:00)
7-8Step RF forward (7), Sweep LF from back to front(8)

Cross, Turn, Back, Hold, Back, Turn, Forward, Hold
1-2Cross LF in front of RF(1), Turn 1/8 left stepping RF back(2)(4:30)
3-4Step LF back(3), Hold(4)
*In wall 2(9:00) & wall 6(12:00) change these 4 counts to:
*1-2 Cross LF in front of RF(1), Sway right on RF(2)
*3-4 Sway left on LF(3), Hold(4)
*Then Restart the dance
5-6Step RF back(5), Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward(6)(1:30)
7-8Step RF forward (7), Hold(8)

Step, Side Rock, Cross, Side, Turn ¼, Cross, Hold
1-2Step LF forward(1), Turn 1/8 left(12:0) and Rock RF right(2)
3-4Recover on LF(3, )Cross RF in front of LF(4)
5-6Step Lf left(5), Turn ¼ right stepping RF right(6)(3:00)
7-8Cross LF in front of RF(7), Hold(8)

Start again

Have Fun

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