I Was Raised On Country

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Count  32

Wall 2

Level Beginner

Music Raised on Country by Chris Young
Choreographer Betty Moses Gwen Walker February 2019

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Music Video

#32 count intro, No Tags or Restarts

[1-8] R step, L touch, L step back, R Hitch, slow coaster scuff.
1-4Step R forward, touch L toe behind R heel, step L back, hitch R knee.
5-8Step R back, step L back beside R, step R forward, scuff L.

[9-16] L step, R touch, R step back, L hitch, slow coaster, scuff
1-4Step L forward, touch R toe behind L heel, step R back, hitch L knee.St
5-8Step L back, step R back beside L, step L forward, scuff R. (12:00)

[17-24] Step forward on R ¼ turn pivot, cross R over L, hold, L side rock/ recover, L cross hold
1-4Step R forward, pivot ¼ to left, cross R over L, hold (9:00)
5-8Rock L to left side, recover R, cross L over R hold.

[25-32] R side, behind, ¼ turn, step forward on L, ½ turn pivot, L step/lock/step
1-3Step R to right side, step L behind R, step R forward ¼ turn right.(12:00)
4-5Step forward on L, pivot ½ turn right (weight to R) (6:00)
6-8Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward.

We hope you enjoy the dance.
Dance from the Heart with JOY.

Betty Moses: dorbmoses@msn.com
Gwen Walker: gkwdance@gmail.com