Country Music Made Me Do It

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Count  32

Wall 4

Level Beginner

Music Country Music made me do it
Choreographer Sascha Wolf 16 January 2019

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INTRO 4 x 8 counts

Grapevine Scuff - Grapevine turn scuff
1-4RF to side, LF cross behind RF, RF to side, LF scuff
5-8LF to side, RF cross behind LF, LF to side wit 1/4 turn to left, RF scuff (Option: full turn)

Step - Flick - Step - Touch
1 2RF step fwd, LF Flick behind RF and right hand clap on Foot
3 4LF step back, Right Toe tap in front of LF
5-8Repeat 1-4
Restart after 16 Beats at Wall 2 + 6 + 9

Step Point - Jazzbox - Chassé
1 2RF step fwd, LF Point to the side
3 4LF step fwd, RF Point to the side
5 6RF cross over LF, LF back with 1/4 turn to right
7+8 RF to side, LF close to RF, RF to side

Rock Step - Chassé - Rocking Chair
1 2LF step diagonal forward, RF back on place
3+4 LF to side, RF close to LF, LF to side with 1/4 turn to left
5 6RF step forward, LF step on place
7 8RF step back, LF step on place