Dwight Meessen January 2019

Improver   32 Count   4 Wall

"Get Dat" by Rayelle (single)

By Dwight Meessen January 2019

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Get Dat Stepsheet

Info : 120 Bpm - Intro 32 counts

Diag Fwd, Heel Swivel, Back, Behind Side Cross, Diag Fwd, Heel Swivel, Back, Behind, ¼ R Fwd, Fwd
1&2RF step right diag. forward, RF swivel heel out, LF swivel R heel in and step back
3&4RF cross behind, LF step side, RF cross over
5&6LF step left diag. forward, LF swivel heel out, RF swivel L heel in and step back
7&8LF cross behind, RF ¼ right step forward, LF step forward [3]

Ball Rock Side Recover, ½ L Sailor, Heel x2, Coaster
&1-2RF step beside on ball foot, LF rock side, RF recover
3&4LF ½ left cross behind, RF step beside, LF step side
5-6RF dig heel forward, RF dig heel forward
7&8RF step back, LF together, RF step forward [9]

Heel Bounces ½ L, Coaster, Pivot ¼ L, Heel Toe Swivels
1&2R+L ⅛ left bounce heels, R+L ⅛ left bounce heels, R+L . left bounce heels
3&4LF step back, RF together, LF step forward
5-6RF step forward, R+L . turn left and swivel heels slightly right
7&8R+L swivel heels left, R+L swivel toes left, R+L swivel heels left [12]

Sailor, Behind Side Cross, Point Touch Kick, Behind, ¼ L Fwd, Fwd, Hitch
1&2RF cross behind, LF step beside, RF step side
3&4LF cross behind, RF step side, LF cross over and turn body slightly right
5&6RF point forward, RF touch beside, RF kick diag. right forward
7&8RF cross behind, LF ¼ left step forward, RF step forward and turn body slightly right
&RF recover on LF and hitch [9]

Start again

Restarts: Dance the 3rd and 5th wall up to and including count 16 (count 8 of the 2nd section), then:
&RF recover on LF and hitch and start again
Last Update - 6 Jan 2019