Michael Barr USA October 2018

Intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

Ride or Die by The Knocks (feat. Foster the People) / CD: New York Narcotic / Length 4:02 - 105 bpm

By Michael Barr USA October 2018


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Ride Stepsheet

Download: iTunes or Amazon single. Download the 4:02 in length to match the BPM’s above.

Lead: 32 cts. - No Tags / No Restarts

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Anchor Step – Sailor Step w/ 1/4 Turn Left, Step Fwd., 1/2 Turn Left w/Touch
1, 2Step R forward; Step L forward
3 & 4Step R behind L (as you open your hips slightly to the right); Step L in place; Step R slightly back (square up)
5 & 6Step/sweep L behind R; Turning ¼ left step ball of R in place; Step L forward (9:00)
7, 8Step R forward; Turn ½ left keeping weight on R (end w/ bent L knee and w/ L toe touching floor) (3:00)
Note: Make the turn “pop” on count 8.

[9-16] Rock Return x 2 – Walk, Walk, Quick-Rock, Return, Cross
1Rock forward onto L in place (rock forward dropping L heel to floor as you lift R heel off floor)
2Return weight onto R in place (drop/return R heel to floor lift as you lift L heel off floor)
Attitude: turn head to look ¼ right on count 2. Be cool, everyone is watching 
3, 4Repeat counts 1, 2
Attitude: turn head to look ¼ right on count 4. Be cool, everyone is still watching 
*Rub your stomach in a counterclockwise direction and stick your tongue out – who said line dancing wasn’t fun! Just kidding!
5, 6Walk L forward; Walk R forward
&7, 8(&) Quick side rock left onto L; Return weight to R stepping slightly back; Cross L over R (prep turn) (3:00)

[17-24] Turn 1/4 L, 1/2 L, 1/4 L, Cross, Side – Behind, Side, Touch, Quick Step, Walk, Walk
1 - 2Turn ¼ left stepping back on R; Turn ½ left stepping forward on L
3 & 4Turn ¼ left, step R side right; Cross L in front of R; Step R side right (open hips slightly to left and breathe )
5&6&Step L behind R; Step R side R; Touch L next to R; Step onto ball of L next to R
7, 8Step R forward to left diagonal (1:30); Step L forward to left diagonal (1:30)

[25-32] Quick Rock, Return w/ Modified Syncopated Weave w/ Heel & Cross – Spiral 3/4 Turn
&1(&) Quick side rock right onto R (square up to 12:00); Return weight onto L (open hips slightly to the left)
Note: Breathe here before the syncopated weave….. 
2 & 3Cross R over L; Step L side left; Step R behind L
&4Step L side left; Cross R over L
&5Step L side left; Touch R heel to right diagonal
&6Step slightly back on ball of R; Cross L over R
7, 8Step ball of R next to L; Rotate ¾ left on ball of R stepping forward on your L (3:00)
Easier Alternative for 7,8: Turn ¼ left stepping R back (9:00); Turn ½ left stepping L forward (3:00)

Begin Again and Enjoy

Ending: Dance ends on the front wall. As you come out of your last turn just take one more step forward onto your Right.
Ta Da!!!