Groovy Love

Count  32

Wall 4

Level Improver

Music If Jesus Loves Me by Saint Lanvain, Rahmsed (3.45mins)
Choreographer Fred Whitehouse Daniel Trepat Jonas Dahlgren July 2018

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Intro – 48 Counts From Start Of Track - (No tags or Restarts)

[1-8] Step, Behind & Heel & Touch, Walk Back x2, Coaster Step
1,2&Step RF to R side, step LF behind R, step RF to R side
3&4Touch L heel to L diagonal, step LF in place, touch RF next to L
5,6Step RF back, step LF back
7&8Step RF back, close LF next to R, step RF forward

[9-16] Walk Forward x2, Step, Lock, Step, Rock, Recover, Slide Back, Close
1,2Step LF forward, step RF forward (option: Step L sweeping RF from back to front, Step R sweeping LF from back to front)
3&4Step LF forward, lock RF behind L, step LF forward
5,6Rock RF forward, recover weight on to L
7,8Large step back on RF dragging LF next to RF, close LF next to R

[17-24] Step Forward, Heel Bounces Making ¼ Turn L, Cross Walks With Dips, ¼ Turn L Stepping LF Forward
1,2Step RF forward, 1/8 turn L bouncing both heels
3,41/8 turn L bouncing both heels, bounce both heels placing weight on LF on count 4
5,6Cross RF over L, step LF to L side
7,8Cross RF over L, ¼ turn L stepping LF forward (On the cross steps dip down a little to add some styling)

[25-32] Step Pivot ¼ Turn L, Cross, Side, Heel Twist R, Heel Twist L, Heel Walk In & Hitch
1,2Step RF forward, ¼ turn L placing weight on LF
3,4Cross RF over L, step LF to L side
5&Twist R heel in, twist R heel back to center
6&Twist L heel in, twist L heel back to center
7&8Twist R heel in, twist R toe in, hitch R knee up