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Count  32

Wall 2

Level Beginner

Music Hard Not To Love It – Steve Moakler
Choreographer Wendy McLean June 2018

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Demo Video
Music Video

Intro: 32 counts - Tags: 2 easy Tags (can be omitted)

Right, Together, Right, Touch – Left, Together, Left, Touch
1 - 4Step RF right, Step LF next to right, Step RF right, Touch LF next to right
5 - 8Step LF left, Step RF next to left, Step LF left, Touch RF next to left

Forward Step Touches with Claps – Right, Touch, Left, Touch, Right, Touch, Left, Touch
1 – 4Step RF diagonally forward, Touch LF next to RF (clap), Step LF diagonally forward, Touch RF next to LF (clap)
5 – 8Repeat 1 – 4

Walk back with stomps – Right, Left, Right, Stomp & Left, Right, Left, Stomp
1 – 4Walk back – RF, LF, RF, stomp RF (no weight)
5 – 8Walk back – LF, RF, LF, stomp LF (no weight)

¼ Monterey Turn, ¼ Monterey Turn
1 – 4Point right toe side, turn ¼ right stepping RF next to LF, point left toe side, step LF next to right
5 – 8Repeat 1 – 4

TAG: end of wall 7 and 11 – you will be facing the back wall for both Tags
Mambo Forward Hold, Mambo Back Hold
1 – 4RF rock forward, Recover on LF, RF step next to LF, Hold
5 – 8LF rock back, Recover on RF, LF step next to RF, Hold