Raymond Sarlemijn May 2018

Improver   32 Count   4 Wall

Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld

By Raymond Sarlemijn May 2018

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Capital Letters Stepsheet

Restart In Wall 4 After 16 Counts And In Wall 8 After 8 Counts

Walk Forward, ¼ Turn Right, Sailor Step, Cross Forward,1/2 Turn Left, Sailor Step
1RF Step Forward.
2¼ Turn Right, Lf Step Left
3Rf Step Back Rf
&Lf Step In Place
4Rf Step Right
5Lf Step Forward Rf
61/2turn Left, Rf Step Back, Sweep Lf
7Lf Behind Rf
&Rf Step On Place
8Lf Step Left

Rock Cross Forward, Rock Side, Cross Forward, Touch, Repeat This Also With Other Leg
1Rf Rock Cross Forward Lf
&Recover Weight Lf
2Rf Rock Diogonal Backwards
&Recover Weight Lf
3Rf Cross Forward
4Lf Touch Left
5Lf Rock Cross Rf
&Recover Weight Rf
6Lf Rock Diogonal Backwards
&Recover Weight Rf
7Lf Cross Forward
8Rf Touch Right

Botafogo, Botafogo, 4x Time Walk, ½ Turn
1Rf Cross Forward Lf
&Lf Close Rf
2Rf Step Right
3Lf Cross Over Rf
&Rf Close Lf
4Lf Step Left
5 ,6,7,8Walk Rf,Lf,Rf,Lf End Up A ½ Turn Over Right

Touch Backwards, Step Backwards, Hell, Scuff, Hitch, Sailor Step, Sailor Step
1Rf Touch Backward Lf
&Rf Step Back
2Touch Lf Heel Forward
&Weight On Rf
3Scuff Rf
&Hitch Rf
4Rf Step Forward
5Lf Step Back Rf
&Rf Step On Place
6Lf Step Left
&Rf Behinf Lf
7Lf Step Forward
8Rf Touch Next Lf