Cut Loose (Happy Dance)

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Count  32

Wall 4

Level Intermediate

Music Happy Dance by MercyMe
Choreographer Dan Morrison 27 March 2018

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Demo Video
Music Video

Intro: 16 Counts, Start on the first down beat - No Tags or Restarts

Oz Step R & L, Rock-Recover, Shuffle
1-2Step R forward (1) Lock L behind R (2)
&3-4Step R beside L (&) Step L forward (3) Lock R behind L (4)
&5-6Step L beside R (&) Step R forward (5) Recover onto L (6)
7&8R Shuffle back (R,L,R)

1/4 Rock-Recover, Ball-Cross, Step, Ball-Cross, Step, 1/4 Sailor
1-21/4 turn L, Step L side L (1) Recover onto R (2)
&3-4Step L beside R (&) Step R over L (3) Step L side L (4)
&5-6Step R beside L (&) Step L over R (5) Step R side R (6)
7&8Step L behind R (7) 1/4 turn L, Step R beside L (&) Step L forward (8)

Out, Out, Coaster, Rock-Recover, 1/2 Shuffle
1-2Step R to R corner (1) Step L side L (2)
3&4Step R back (3) Step L beside R (&) Step R forward (4)
5-6Step L forward (5) Recover onto R (6)
7&81/4 turn L, Step L side L (7) Step R beside L (&) 1/4 turn L, Step L forward (8)

3/4 Pivot, Side-Shuffle, Rock-Recover, Kick-Step-Touch
1-2Step R forward (1) 3/4 Pivot, wt on L (end in scissor position)(2)
3&4R Side Shuffle (R,L,R)
5-6Step L back (5) Recover onto R (6)
7&8Kick L forward (7) Step L beside R (&) Touch R beside L (8)