Wendy McLean March 2018

Beginner / Intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

Good Time by Carly Rae Jepsen feat. Owl City

By Wendy McLean March 2018


Demo Video
Music Video

Always A Good Time Stepsheet

Walk, Walk, Coaster Step, Walk, Walk, Coaster Step
1-2Walk forward - right, left
3&4Forward right, Left together, Back Right (Forward Coaster Step)
5-6Walk back - left, right
7&8Back left, Right together, Forward left (Back Coaster Step)

Point, Turn, Coaster Step, Shuffle Right, ¼ Turn
1-2Point right toe side, Turn ¼ right on ball of left foot touching right together
3&4Back right, Left together, Forward right (Back Coaster Step)
5&6Shuffle forward - left, right, left
7-8Touch or step right forward, Turn ¼ left - weight to left foot

Cross Shuffle, ¼, ¼, Cross Shuffle, ¼, ¼
1&2Cross right over left, Step left side, Cross right over left
3-4Turn ¼ right stepping back on left, Turn ¼ right stepping side on right
5&6Cross left over right, Step right side, Cross left over right
7-8Turn ¼ left stepping back on right, Turn ¼ left stepping side on left

Walk, Walk, ¼ Turn, Out, Out, In, In, Apple Jack
1-2Walk forward – right, left
3-4Touch or step right forward, Turn ¼ left – weight to left foot
&5&6Step right forward & right, Step left forward & left, Step right back & in, Step left together
&7&8Apple Jack – (&) Weight on right toe and left heel, swivel right heel and left toe to the left(7) Return to neutral position(&) Weight on left toe and & right hell, swivel left heel and right toe to the right(8) Return to neutral position
Easier Option: change count to 7-8 and fan both toes out and in (Toe split)


RESTART: 5th Wall – Do 1st 16 counts of the dance and Restart (front wall)