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Cody Flowers USA and Maddison Glover AUS June 2017

Easy Intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

"Put It on Me" - Brianna Leah (2:22)

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Put It On Me.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Put It On Me Stepsheet

Dance begins after count 16

Scuff, Side, Roll Knee In, Out, Cross, Side Rock/ Recover, Cross Shuffle
1,2,3Scuff R fwd/ around clockwise, step R to R side, roll L knee in towards R
4,5,6&Roll L knee out (take weight onto L), Cross R over L, Rock L to L side, recover weight onto R
7&8Cross L over R, step R to R side, cross L over R

¾ Turn, Back, Tap, Rock/Recover with Hips, Shuffle Fwd
1,2Turn ¼ R stepping fwd onto R (3:00), make ½ turn R stepping back on L (9:00)
3,4Step back on R, tap L toe fwd as you bend both knees slightly
5,6Rock fwd on L as you bump L hip fwd, recover back onto R as you bump R hip back
7&8Step fwd on L, step R together, step fwd on L

2x Skates, Mambo, Coaster, 1/8 Side, Tap
1,2Skate R fwd into R diagonal (10:30), turn ¼ L as you skate L fwd into L diagonal (7:30)
3&4Rock R fwd, recover back onto L, step back onto R (7:30)
5&6Step back on L, step R together, step fwd onto L (7:30)
7,8Turn 1/8 L as you step R to R side, tap L toe beside R as you raise right arm to click (6:00)

¼ Shuffle Fwd, ½ Shuffle Back, Coaster, 2x Walks Fwd
1&2Turn ¼ L as you step fwd onto L, step R together, step fwd onto L (3:00)
3&4Make ½ turn L as you step back on R (9:00), step L together, step back on R
5&6Step back on L, step R together, step fwd on L
7,8Walk fwd R, L

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