Gwen Walker 2152017

Improver   32 Count   4 Wall

The Fighter by Keith Urban & Carrie Underwood

By Gwen Walker 2152017


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Tutorial Video
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Fighter Stepsheet

Intro: 16 counts after beat kicks in.
*1 Easy Restart

[1-8] R Rock recover, ½ turn R Triple, L rock recover, ½ turn L triple
1-2Rock forward on R, recover to L
3&4Step R ¼ to right, step L beside R(&), step R ¼ to right (6:00)
5-6Rock forward on L, recover to R
7&8Step L ¼ to left, step R beside L(&), step L ¼ to left (12:00)

[9-16] Weave to right, step ½ turn, L triple, brush.
1-4Step R to right side, L behind R, R to right side, step L forward (12:00)
5make ½ turn to right, end weight on right (6:00)
6&7Step L forward, bring R beside L(&), step L forward
8Brush R (6:00)
( Restart here on wall 6 )

[17-24] Rock recover, rock back recover, step ¼ turn, R crossing triple
1-4Rock forward on R, recover to L, rock back on R, recover to L.
5-6Step forward on R make a ¼ to left, end weight on L (3:00)
7&8Cross R over L, step L to side(&), cross R over L. (3:00)

[25-32] Step back, touch, x 3, kick ball change.
1-2Step back on L at an angle, touch R beside L.
3-4Step back on R at an angle, touch L beside R.
5-6Step back on L at an angle, touch R beside L.
7&8Kick R forward, step R beside L on ball of R (&), step L beside R (3:00)

Restart: on wall 6 at count 16 , brush Restart.

Have fun Dance from the Heart with Joy.

Choreographer info: Gwen Walker,
Facebook Page: The Dance Class