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Marjorie Lepoidevin Country Kix of New Age Country Entertainment Sept 2016

Intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

Luke Bryan - Move

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Sexy and Smooth.


Music Video

Sexy and Smooth Stepsheet

Dance moves CounterClockwise.

Right Weave with Toe Drag, L&R Hip Shake (1-8) Facing 12 o’clock
&1&2&3,4Step Right to Side, Left behind Right, Right to side, Left in Front of Right, Right To Side, Left Toe Drag, Touch L beside Right
5&6Left toe-strut forward with hip shake LRL
7&8Right toe-strut forward with hip shake RLR

Right ¼ turn, Left Cross, Unwind ¾ R, Right Coaster, Stomp L, R (Facing 3 o’clock). (9-16)
1&2Step forward on Left, while turning ¼ Right, step Right beside Left. Cross Left over Right
3&4Unwind turning R ¾
5&6Step back Right, Step together left, Step forward right.
7,8Stomp L, R.

Alternate Monterey Steps x3 LRL. Moving Forward with attitude, ¾ left turn Shuffle Forward LRL (facing 9 o’clock)
1,2Pivot ¼ to right with weight on right foot pointing left toe to side, Step Left together.
3,4Pivot 3/4 turn to left with weight on left foot, pointing right toe to side. Step Right together.
5,6Pivot ½ turn to right foot, pointing left toe forward, pushing off with left toe making ¾ turn to left.
7&8Shuffle forward left

R and L Heel Jack, R Hook and Flick, 2 Heel Swivels (25-32)
1&2Cross R over L. Step back on Right and Extend Left Heel.
3&4Cross L over R. Step back on Left and Extend Right Heel.
5,6With Heel still extended, Hook Right Heel in front of Left Knee, Drop Heel and Kick Heel behind and up (kicking yourself) touch Right.
7&8 &With weight on balls of your feet, swivel your heels RLR


After 4th Rotation of Dance, starting on Wall 5. Listen for the Lyrics: “All up in the middle of your left and right. Your side to side, yeah, you're right on time when you” the tag begins at the end of that lyric. (facing 12 o’clock. Tag = 16 Counts)

Broken Camel Walk R Diagonal, Dorothy Steps (1-8)
1-4Full Step Forward Diagonal on Right, lock right knee, Bring Left Behind Right in Lock Step, allowing right knee to buckle “Breaking” Right Knee, Repeat
5-8Sweep Right Behind Left, Left Behind Right, Right Behind Left, Left Behind Right

Step Forward R L Clap, Triple Step Forward RLR, Step L to side while Pivot Right ¼ turn, Jazz Box L over R (9-16)
1&2 Step L R and Clap
3&4 Shuffle forward on right. Step RLR
5,6 Step Left to Side and turn ¼ right (facing 3 o’clock)
7&8 Cross Left over Right, Step Right Back and to side, Step Left Beside Right.

Begin Again and Repeat to the end of the dance.