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Intermediate   32 Count   4 Wall

Alcohol Abuse by Marshall Dane

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Alcohol Abuse.


Music Video

Alcohol Abuse Stepsheet

[Starts with lyrics “Well the glass hit the chicken wire...]

[1-8] Diagonal Step & Touches, Right Kick, Sailor
1-2-3-4On Diagonal: Step Right, touch Left, Step back Left, touch Right
5-6-7-8Kick Right diagonally, cross Right behind Left and step, step Left to side, step Right to side

[9-16] Left Kick, Sailor with ¼ turn, Step Chugs
1-2-3-4Kick Left diagonally, cross Left behind Right step, step Right to side, step Left to side (9:00)
5-6-7-8Step Right fwd, chug, step Left forward, chug

[17-24] ½ Turn Walk Back, Touch, Vine, Touch
1-2-3-4Step back on Right making a ½ turn, walk back Left, Right, touch Left (3:00)
5-6-7-8Vine Left, touch Right beside Left

[25-32] Step ½ Turn with Claps, Touch Right with Slaps
1-2Step Right to side, clap
3-4Making a ½ turn step Left to side, clap (9:00)
5-6Touch Right fwd, slap Right foot in front with Left hand
7-8Touch Right fwd, slap Right foot to side with Right hand