Break My Heart

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Count  32

Wall 4

Level Beginner

Music Blake Shelton
Choreographer Danvoie Gregory May 2016

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S1. Side Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle X2
1-2RF Side rock, recover
3&4RF cross shuffle
5-6LF Side rock, recover
7&8LF cross shuffle

S2. Side, Cross, Shuffle Fwd 1/4, Point, Pivot 1/2, Back Rock , Recover
1-2RF step to the Side, LF cross behind RF
3&4RF shuffle Fwd with 1/4 turn to the R
5-6LF point , pivot 1/2 turn to the R
7-8RF back rock, recover

S3. Step, Step, Step-Lock-Step, Rock Fwd, Recover, Coaster Step 1-4
1-2RF step, LF step
3&4RF step-local-step
5-6LF rock Fwd, recover
7&8LF coaster step with 1/4 turn to the L

S4. Cross, Point , Cross, Point, Jazz Box Cross 1/4
1-2cross RF in front of LF , point LF to the Side
3-4cross LF in front of RF , point RF to the Side
5-6cross RF in front of LF , back LF
7-8RF step to the Side with 1/4 turn to the R , cross LF in front of RF

Tags :
•3rd & 9th wall
After the second section, add : RF shuffle , LF shuffle And Restart the Dance

•6th wall : after the 1st section, restart the Dance
•13th wall: After the third section , Restart the Dance