Mr Put It Down (AB)

Count  32

Wall 4

Level Absolute Beginner

Music Mr Put It Down by Ricky Martin ft. Pitbull (128 bpm) (Single – iTunes, approx. 3m 16 seconds)
Choreographer Juliet Lam USA July 2015

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Music Video

Intro: 18 counts from start of track, start on the word “All” (“Now First of All”)

Sec 1: Walk Forward Right, Left, Right, Kick, Walk Back Left, Right, Left, Touch
1 - 4Walk forward right, left, right, kick left forward (Pushing arms forward)
5 - 8Walk back left, right, left, touch right next to left (12:00)

Sec 2: Side Touch, Side Touch, Out, Out, In, In (V Step)
1 - 4Big step to right side, touch left next to right & clap, big step to left side, touch right next to left & clap
5 - 8Step right forward to the right diagonal, step left forward to the left diagonal, step right back, step left next to right

Sec 3: Right Rocking Chair X 2
1 - 4Rock forward on right, recover left, rock right back, recover left
5 - 8Rock forward on right, recover left, rock right back, recover left

Sec 4: Step, Bounce , Bounce, Bounce, 1/4 Turn Left, Funky Jazz Box
1 - 4Step right forward, bounce heels three times make 1/4 turn left (weight on left)
5 - 8Cross right over left, step left back, step right to side, step left forward (9:00)

Ending : Wall 13 starts at 12:00, dance 8 counts facing 12:00, step right forward & pose!!!

Repeat & Enjoy

Contact: Juliet Lam,