Lynn Card Jan 2015

Ultra Beginner   32 Count   4 Wall

"Jealous" by Nick Jonas

By Lynn Card Jan 2015


Demo Video
Music Video

Jealous for Beginners Stepsheet

Big Step, Slide Touch, Big Step, Slide Touch, Hip Bumps
1,2,3,4Big step R to right, Slide L in and touch next to R, Big step L to left, Slide R in and touch next to L
5,6,7,8Step down on R and bump R hip to right, Bump L hip to left, Bump R hip to right, Bump L Hip to left taking weight on L

Walk, Forward, Kick, Walk Back, Touch
1,2,3,4Walk R forward, Walk L forward, Walk R forward, Kick L forward
5,6,7,8Step L back, Step R back, Step L back, Touch R to right

Cross, Point, Cross, Point, 1/4 Turn Jazz Box
1,2,3,4Step R forward in front of L, Point L to left, Step L forward in front of R, Point R to right
5,6,7,8Cross R in front of L, Step L back, Make ¼ turn to right as you step R to right, Step L Forward

Rocking Chair, Step, Pivot 1/2 Turn, Step Together
1,2,3,4Rock R forward, Recover back on L, Rock R back, Recover forward on L
5,6,7,8Step R forward, Pivot ½ turn to left and step L forward, Step R forward, Step L Next to R

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