Christa Thomas Dec 2014

Beginner   32 Count   4 Wall

She Came To Give It to You by Usher ft. Nicki Minaj

By Christa Thomas Dec 2014


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Give It to You Stepsheet

Intro: 32 Counts

[1-8] Rock Side, Rec, Sailor Steps, Walk Fwd
1,2,3&4R Rock Side, L Recover, R Cross Behind, L Step Side, R Step Side
5&6,7,8L Cross Behind, R Step Side, L Step Side, Walk Fwd R-L

[9-16] Kick, Step Back, Body Roll, Bumps Fwd & Back
1,2,3,4R Kick Fwd, Step Back, Roll Chest Fwd And Back
5,6,7,8Bump Hips Fwd, Back, Fwd, Back (Counts 3-8 Variation: 3 Body Rolls Or 6 Hip Bumps)

[17-24] Shuffle, Shuffle, 3 Count Jazz, Heel Split
1&2,3&4L Step Fwd, R Step Tog, L Step Fwd, R Step Fwd, L Step Tog, R Step Fwd
5,6,7&8L Cross Over, R Step Back, L Together, Open Heels Out, Heels Home

[25-32] Vine Right, Vine L Left W/1/4 Turn L
1,2,3,4R Step Side, L Cross Behind, R Step Side, L Touch Tog
5,6,7,8L Step Side, R Cross Behind, L Step ΒΌ Turn L Fwd, R Touch Tog