Meeting and Feeling

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Count  32

Wall 4

Level Beginner

Music I Gotta Feeling
Choreographer Carine MISIAK et Edouard MISIAK 09212014

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Step Forward R-L-R, Kick L; Step Backward L-R-L, Touch R Together
1,2,3,4 3Forward Step R L R, Kick Left Foot
5,6,7,8 3Backward Step L R L, Touch Right Foot Together

Right Rolling Vine, Touch L Together, Left Vine, Touch R Together
1,2,3,4¼ Right Turn, Step Right Forward, ¼ R T, Step Left Side, ½ R T, Step R Side, Touch L
5,6,7,8Step L Side, Behind R, Step L Side, Touch R Together
Option : 5678 Left Rolling Vine
¼ Left Turn, Step Left Forward, ¼ L T, Step Right Side, ½ L T, Step L Side, Touch R

Step Turn ½ T L, Step Turn ¼ T L
1,2Step Right Forward, Hold
3,4½ T L…Body weight transfer on Left, Hold [6h00]
5,6Step Right Forward, Hold
7,81/4T L…Body weight transfer on Left, Hold [3h00];

V Step, Slow Right Rock, Touch R together
1,2,3,4Step Right Forward to Right Diagonal, Step Left Side, Step Right Back in center, Left Foot Together
5,6Right Foot side, Go Down on the Right Leg, Hold
7,8Recover on Left Foot with Tap Right Together, Hold

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