Featured Line Dances

Wine Beer Whiskey

Terrific new "Country" dance.

His Only Need

Beautiful Song that will move your soul. One of my all time favorites!

Down On My Knees

Cathy Montgomery, Kelly Mathew, and Rachel Polack

Broken and Beautiful

Wow! Outstanding effort put into the production of this video by Adia Nuno. Choreographer Amy Glass Dance Title Broken and Beautiful

Boy Girl Thing

One of the nicest dances. So well choreographed!

Country Strong

Stagecoach 2019 Honky Tonk 100+ dancers performance of Country Strong Improver linedance.

Some Kind of Wonderful

Yes!! This makes me want to get up and dance.

Hypnotized Cha

Lucky to have so many dances choreographed to such a beautiful song


I think this is going to be my new favorite! Great beat! Fun Dance

I Warned Myself

Well Choreographed dance by Canadian Choreographer Rhonda Lai Can't wait to learn this one!!

Just Pretend

There's something about the music. Love the dance!

Straight To The Bar

This is a fabulous dance and the demo is so much fun to watch!

Get Drunk Get Loud

Rob Holley does it again! Another fabulous dance.

Long Hot Summer

Love the music. Another great dance to a Keith Urban tune # 5 on VineRight's Favorites

Day of The Dead

Nice Intermediate! Much easier to learn than I thought it would be. The dance really flows and it's fun!

Whos Up All Night

Love the music and the dance!

Newfie Stomp

A fantastic party dance!

Dancing with a Stranger

Love the music and the choreography on this one.

Senorita La La La

Beautiful Dance! The most views for the year on YouTube.

Mr Lonely

This is a fun one!

Mad Love

I predict a great future in line dancing!

Everybodys Gonna Dance

New!! Fun and Easy Improver. Upbeat music

Thats Country

Terrific Dance to a New Toby Keith Country Song!! A Must Learn

Tyler does Tush Push

Fun to Watch Tyler dance Push Tush

Love Don't Love

When Love Don't Love You Back by Christian Paul

L.I.L.Y. Like I Love you

Terrific!! Upbeat music that makes me want to dance!

Homegrown Baby


Just A Phase

A very lovely dance!

About The 3 Steps

Songwriter and performer Loni Gamble performing a great song and super dance video.

Summer Sway

A beautiful dance that you never tire of dancing

Soul Shake

Over 100 videos submitted for viewing to this fun dance choreographed by Fred Whitehouse. Enjoy the collage of dancers from all over the world.

Ala Freakin Bama

Really cute beginner dance to one of my favorites - Trace Adkins

Gods Country

What a lovely dance to a beautiful song!

Raising Hell

Phrased Novice +. Great music and the dance looks like fun!

Brand New Man

Great new dance, the song from the album Reboot.

One Man Band

28 Count Intermediate Line dance Lovely dance to a terrific song

Buy My Own Drinks

Fantastic dance and video presentation!

Dare To Dance

Like this New Beginner Dance by Fred Whitehouse


Love this Country dance brought to you by Isabella Ghinolfi from Italy.

In Case You Didnt Know

Absolutely Beautiful Song and the dance is lovely! Really want to learn this one.

Feels Like A Party

MUSIC Feels Like A Party by LoCash dance by Hana Ries

Do Watcha Gotta Do

Phrased High Intermediate -Would love to learn this one

Cold Feet

Another Gary O'Reilly Dance to artist Tenille Arts done in 2018

Drinking With Dolly

I would say that this young man has a bright future in Line Dance! Really nice Improver dance.

Two Stepping to Trail of Tears Billy Ray Cyrus

Two Stepping to Billy Ray Cyrus - Trail of Tears Dancing at Loretto Tavern with Hope Young

Almost Saturday Night

Really Nice Improver Dance - No Tags or Restarts. Demo follows the Teach.

Old Friends In America

New Intermediate brought to you by Dan Albro (USA) Marie Claude Gil (FR) Lyndy (USA) Johnny Montana (USA)


Terrific Upbeat New Intermediate Dance


Really enjoyed learning this dance. Thanks Steve, Vanessa and Sarah!


Wonderful dance from the past! Too good to allow to disappear!

She Ain't Me

Fantastic new dance by Maggie.

Tyler learns MMM Bop

Tyler dances MMM Bop and adds his special flair!

We Were II

Another lovely dance to a Keith Urban song

World For Two

Beautiful beginner dance! Love it!

VHS Very Hot Summer

Congratulations! Lynne Martino & Rob Holley receive first place Workd Championship recognition fir their country newcomer/novice dance,VHS(Very Hot Summer).


Fantastic country song and dance!

Make A Little Magic

Really nice low intermediate. Dance flows and the music is terrific.

Chicago Gold

Chicago Gold Advanced CHOREOGRAPHERS Fred Whitehouse IRL Daniel Trepat NL Simon Ward AUD October 2019

Someone Had to Teach you

Someone Had to Teach You (Line Dancing) Music by either George Strait or Wade Hayes

The Queen

Wonderful Dance! So well choreographed and I love the music.

Nothing But You

Video by Adia Nuno Dance by Darren Bailey Music by Leaving Austin

Adventure of a Lifetime

Nice **New Improver/Intermediate


Fantastic Celtic folk song and great dance by Maggie


Really pretty dance to another great Thomas Rhett song

Drank Like Hank

Some very interesting moves in this new dance by Candee Seger and Rob Holley

Groovy Love

A great collage of dance videos.

Never Growing Up

Brand New Dance Choreographed by 3 Greats!!


Having fun dancing the Wobble

Drop Snap

Wow! Would love to learn this one. Looks like it would be so much fun to dance and I love the music

Come Dance With Me

I don't believe I will ever tire of this dance. Wonderful Choreography!!