Oh Hot Damn

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Quick Sheet
Dancing starts at 00:14 seconds
Seq: A, B, A (for 16 counts), A, B, A (for 32 counts), A, B, B

Part A: 48 counts
Section 1: Side step right x2, side step left x2
1-2: Right side step, together,
3-4: Right side step, together
5-6: Left side step, together,
7-8: Left side step, together

Section 2: Rolling Vine to the Right, Step and Slide to the left, hold.
1-4: Rolling vine to the right
5-6: Slide left and drag right foot together with left
7-8: Hold for 7&8

Section 3: Shuffle Forward, rock, Shuffle back, rock, recover.
1-2: Forward shuffle w/right foot,
3-4: Rock forward on left, recover back to right
5-6: Back shuffle with left foot,
7-8: Rock back on right, recover to left

Section 4: Right Toe Point to side, Left Toe Point to side, Jazz Box
1-2: Right toe point out to right side, bring back together and weight
3-4: Left toe point out to left side, bring back together and weight,
5-8: Jazz box (right over left, left step straight back, right step to center, left step center together)

Section 5: Right Rock step- hold, anchor left foot, recover right, Left rock step- hold, anchor right foot, recover left foot.
1&2: Right rock forward with slight body roll (hold)
3&4: Step in place with left foot, step right to center
5&6: Left rock forward with slight body roll (hold)
7&8: Step in place with right foot, step left to center

Section 6: Hips to the right, hips to the left, sweep right foot, sweep left foot, hitch
1-4: dip hip to right, dip hip to left
5: Sweep right foot forward
6: Sweep left foot forward
7-8: Scuff Right (forward) into hitch right knee

Part B: 48 counts
Section 1: Right out, Left out, Right in, Left in, cross Right heel tap x2, coaster step
1-2: Step right out in front at a diagonal (45), step left out diagonal (45),
3-4: Right back to center, left back to center.
5-6: Cross right heel over left leg and tap twice
7-8: Coaster step (Left, Right, Left)

Section 2: Left out, Right out, Left in, Right in, cross Left heel tap x2, coaster step.
1-2: step left out in front at a diagonal (45), step right out diagonal (45),
3-4: Left ack to center, right back to center.
5-6: Cross left heel over right leg and tap twice
7-8: Coaster step (Right, Left, Right)

Section 3: Right Toe Twist x2, Right Sailor Step, left knee hitch and step down,
1&2: Twist right toe (heel goes R, L, R, L)
3&4: Right cross left, weight to left foot, heel tap right out.
5: Weight to right foot,
6: hitch left knee up
7: Right hand slap left knee
8: Step down on left foot (weighted left)

Section 4: Right toe strut, left toe strut, shoulder and knee hitch roll, 2 right hop hitches/ knee pops
1-2: Right toe struts
3-4: Left toe strut
5-6: (weighted right) hitch left knee up and twist out and roll left shoulder and knee back
7&8: Step down Left, Right knee pop, right step down, right knee pop

Section 5: Lock step hop, lock step hop, Left ½ turn, left ½ turn
1-2: Right “lock” step with knee pop up,
3-4: Right “Lock” step with a knee pop up,
5-6: Step forward with right and turn over left shoulder ½ turn, keeping weight on left
7-8: step forward with right and turn over left shoulder ½ turn, keeping

Section 6: Jump forward and shake hips, clap 4x
1-2: Jump forward with “swag”
3-4: Sway or dip hips to both sides,
5-8: step back and re-position for either section A1 or B1.

Submitted by - Lauren White: lewhite42@gmail.com