Ala Freakin Bama

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Quick Sheet
Right and Left Stomp, Toe fans
1,2,3,4Stomp Right foot forward, fan toes out right, left, and forward.
5,6,7,8Stomp Left foot forward, fan toes out left, right, and forward.

Toe Struts forward
1,2Step on Right toe, drop heel.
3,4Step on Left toe, drop heel.
5,6Repeat counts 1,2
7,8Repeat counts 3,4

Shuffle Back, Right, Left, Right, Left
1&2Step back Right, Left, Right
3&4Step back Left, Right, Left
5&6Step back Right, Left, Right
7&8Step back Left, Right, Left

6 Count Vine Right with Half turn Right, Stomp Right, Left
1,2,3,4Step Right, left foot behind, step right making ¼ turn right, step left making ¼ turn right,
5,6,7,8step right behind left, step left, stomp right foot then left foot.