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Mark Furnell UK Chris Godden UK July 2022

Improver   16 Count   2 Wall

- Mimi Webb

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Kiss Me Goodbye.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Kiss Me Goodbye Stepsheet

Intro: 16 Counts, Start at approx 16 secs

SEC 1: Cross, Side Rock, Cross, Side Rock, Cross, ¾ Reverse Turn, Step Hitch, Back, Back
1-2&Cross right over left, rock left to left, recover weight onto right
3-4&Cross left over right, rock right to right, recover weight onto left
5Cross right over left
6&7Turn ¼ right step left back, turn ½ right step right forward, step left forward hitching right (9:00)
8&Step right back, step left back

SEC 2: Back ⅛ Sweep, Back Lock Back, Sweep, ¼ Runs Back, Back, Sway, Sway, Sway, Hitch, Run
1Step right back turn ⅛ left sweeping left from front to back (7:30)
2&3Step left back, lock right in front of left, step left back turn ¼ right sweeping right from back to front (10:30)
4&5Step right back, step left back, step right back
6&Sway body forward, sway body back
7Sway body forward step left forward turn ½ left hitching right (4:30)
8&Step right forward, turn ⅛ right step left to left diagonal (6:00)

Last Update: 20 Jul 2022