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Maddison Glover AUS August 2021

Intermediate   24 Count   2 Wall

- Chris Young

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled Tonight We're Dancing.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

Tonight We're Dancing Stepsheet

Sequence: Intro, Wall 1-4, Tag1, Wall 5-9, Tag2, Wall 10-11.
Intro: Hip Twist 16C - R L RLR, L R LRL (2X) (Skip Pre-intro)

S1. Left cross over R, Hip Twist LRL, R cross over L. Hip Twist RL ¼ Turn R
1-2Left Cross over Right Recover
3&4Hip Twist Left Right Left
5 6Right Cross over Left Recover
7&8Hip Twist, Right Left ¼ Turn Right
S2. L cross over R, R Half Spin Turn, Triple Shuffle behind, LRL RLR LRL
1-2Left cross over Right, Right Half Spin Turn
3&4Triple Shuffle Behind - Left Right left
5&6"" - Right Left Right
&7&8"" - Left Right Left and

S3. Hip Twist- R L R L &, R behind, Step L, R Ronde cross over L &, Shuffle RLR
1-2-3-4Hip Twist - Right Left Right Left
&5&6 &Right Behind Rhonde Right cross over Left,
7&8Cross Shuffle Right left Right

S4. Susie Q: L R LRL, R L RLR
1-2Left cross over Right, Right point
3&4Shuffle, Left Right Left
5-6Cross Shuffle, Right cross over left, Left Point
7&8Shuffle, Right Left Right

Tag 1. 8C - 1 2, 3&4, 5 6, 7& 8& (Start after Wall 4)
L cross over R Recover, Hip Twist LRL
R cross over L Recover, Hip Twist RLR&

Tag 2. 4C - 1 2, 3&4& (Start after Wall 9)
L cross over R Recover, Hip Twist LRL &

Keep on groovin', Enjoy your Fitness guys!!!
Best regards, Jesus Pacheco - Sydney Australia
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