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Willie Brown SCO John Robinson USA March 2021

Intermediate +   64 Count   2 Wall

- Skerryvore : (Album version)

Line dance stepsheet and videos titled We'll Go Dancing.


Demo Video
Tutorial Video
Music Video

We'll Go Dancing Stepsheet

Toe/Heel to the R side, Scissors, Repeat on L
1-8Step to the R, Toe, Heel, R/L, Step R, step on L, cross R over L, hold
1-8Step to the L, Toe, Heel, L/R, Step L, step on R, cross L over R, hold

Rocking Chair, ½ pivot turn to the L
1-4Step R fwd, rock back on L, rock back on R, return to L
5-8Step fwd on R, weight on L, pivot on L, ¼, step R fwd, pivot on L ¼

Jazz Box, turning R, One step R, then L
1-8Step R over L, step back on L, step R turning R, step on L, *Step to R, touch L to R, step L, touch R to L. *(Or step Rf to R and do Hips bumps, 2 right, 2 Left)

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