Steve Jones

Wichita Kansas

Urban Danielsson
Choreographer Urban Danielsson

Sigtuna, Sweden

Justin Desloges
Choreographer Justin Desloges

Brampton, Ontario

Maurice Rowe
Choreographer Maurice Rowe


Wendy McLean
Choreographer Wendy McLean

London, ON

Steve Carroll
Choreographer Steve Carroll

Williamstown, New Jersey

Choreographer Vivienne


Tabitha Carnes
Choreographer Tabitha Carnes

Santa Barbara, CA

Ursula Traffelet
Choreographer Ursula Traffelet


Eugene Walls
Choreographer Eugene Walls

Denver, Colorado

Keith & Nicky Riess
Choreographer Keith & Nicky Riess

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lynn Luccisano
Choreographer Lynn Luccisano

Sanford, Florida

Cathy Montgomery
Choreographer Cathy Montgomery

Brampton, Ontario

Daisy Simons
Choreographer Daisy Simons

Kasterlee, Belgium

Phyllis Manier

Michelle Jackson White
Choreographer Michelle Jackson White

Nashville, Tennessee

Anais Cordebard
Choreographer Anais Cordebard

California, Los Angeles, Antelope Valley

Tony New

Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

Natalie Boyle
Choreographer Natalie Boyle

Rocky Point, New York

Fred Whitehouse
Choreographer Fred Whitehouse

United Kingdom

Christina Yang
Choreographer Christina Yang

Seoul, South Korea

Tricia A Bristow
Choreographer Tricia A Bristow

Coats, NC, USA

Bonita Malone
Choreographer Bonita Malone

Greenville, TX

Choreographer MARITA TORRES


Hana Ries
Choreographer Hana Ries

Myrtle Beach, SC

Chris Hookie
Choreographer Chris Hookie

Wethersfield, CT, USA

Ferandi Giuseppe
Choreographer Ferandi Giuseppe

Odolo, Brescia - Italy


Touvre, FRANCE

Tammy Bosse
Choreographer Tammy Bosse

South Windsor, Connecticut

Conrad Farnham
Choreographer Conrad Farnham

Claremont, New Hampshire

Choreographer Westlakes

Toronto NSW Australia

Darren Bailey
Choreographer Darren Bailey

Newport, Wales

Patricia A Lowe
Choreographer Patricia A Lowe

Richmond, CA

Rob Holley
Choreographer Rob Holley


Vanessa Johnston
Choreographer Vanessa Johnston

Toronto, ON

Elaine Collins
Choreographer Elaine Collins

Dundee, UK

Amy Christian
Choreographer Amy Christian

Muskegon, Michigan

Michael (MC) Richardson
Choreographer Michael (MC) Richardson

Denver, Colorado

Michelle Wright
Choreographer Michelle Wright

Worcester, MA

Liz Atkinson
Choreographer Liz Atkinson

Asheville, NC

Jason Messer
Choreographer Jason Messer

Greenville, SC

Carol Jensen
Choreographer Carol Jensen

Cape Coral, Fl

Judith Schuler
Choreographer Judith Schuler

Kresgeville, PA.

Deborah O'Hara
Choreographer Deborah O'Hara

London, Ontario

Brandi Hughes
Choreographer Brandi Hughes

Kelowna, BC

Choreographer Renata

Kaunas, Lithuania

Wayne Lapwood
Choreographer Wayne Lapwood

Auckland, New Zealand

Ria Vos
Choreographer Ria Vos


Susan Molley

Skowhegan MAINE USA

Maureen Hawkins (aka Dancemaur)
Choreographer Maureen Hawkins (aka Dancemaur)

Ocean Gate, New Jersey

Canonne Martine
Choreographer Canonne Martine




Karine Moya
Choreographer Karine Moya

Elne (France)

Gudrun Schneider
Choreographer Gudrun Schneider

Drei Gleichen, Germany

818 American Honey
Choreographer 818 American Honey

Palm Springs, CA

serge fournier
Choreographer serge fournier

Arpheuilles - France

Kelly Kaylin
Choreographer Kelly Kaylin


Suzanne Steele Wilson
Choreographer Suzanne Steele Wilson

Orlando, Florida

Maggie Gallagher
Choreographer Maggie Gallagher

Coventry, U.K.

Gerard Murphy
Choreographer Gerard Murphy

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Steve Cavanaugh
Choreographer Steve Cavanaugh

Brockton, Massachusetts

Cindy Agostinho
Choreographer Cindy Agostinho

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Roberto Bresciani
Choreographer Roberto Bresciani

Milano - Italy

Linda Scott
Choreographer Linda Scott

Schererville, IN

Vicky King
Choreographer Vicky King

Spring Valley, Illinois

Dan Albro
Choreographer Dan Albro

West Greenwich R.I.

Gary O'Reilly
Choreographer Gary O'Reilly

Cathy Snow
Choreographer Cathy Snow

Carver, MA

April Coady


Joey Prieur
Choreographer Joey Prieur

Cornwall ON Canada

Bill McGee
Choreographer Bill McGee

Orlando, Florida

Tom Inge Soenju
Choreographer Tom Inge Soenju

Drammen, Norway

Maddison Glover
Choreographer Maddison Glover


Janet Cummings
Choreographer Janet Cummings

Archbald Pa

Adriano Castagnoli
Choreographer Adriano Castagnoli

Cerveteri (Roma) - Italy

Annette McNeil-Smith
Choreographer Annette McNeil-Smith

Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia

Cindi Massengale
Choreographer Cindi Massengale

Long Beach, CA

New Age Country Entertainment
Choreographer New Age Country Entertainment

Greater Toronto, Ontario

Val Saari
Choreographer Val Saari

Crystal Beach, Ontario

Rosie Multari
Choreographer Rosie Multari

Ocean County, New Jersey

Joy Huggins
Choreographer Joy Huggins

Parker, Colorado

Joran van der Noll
Choreographer Joran van der Noll

Spijkenisse Netherland

Laura Rittenhouse
Choreographer Laura Rittenhouse

Tasmania Australia

Donna Laurin
Choreographer Donna Laurin

Balm Beach, Ontario

Michael Anthony Hitchen
Choreographer Michael Anthony Hitchen

Cheshire England

Betty Moses
Choreographer Betty Moses

Colorado Springs, Colorado


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